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by Tiana Spellman on 05/22/2012 | 3 Minute Read

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Jackie is a Rainmaker, Brand Strategist, Author, Speaker and Cultural Design Advisor, with over 20 imaginative years working as a Consumer Collaborator and Confidante.

She is Passionate about cultivating relationships and creating brand paths to growth through the transformative power of GREAT design for leading brand performers, as well as emerging, lean start-ups. Great design, much like art, has to take you on a journey...someplace deeply personal and emotional.

Jackie has been instrumental in creating successful brand partnerships for products, packages and environments, within a spectrum industries and categories such as Food, Beverage, Spirits, Personal Care, Health & Beauty, Household, Sporting Goods, Automotive, Hardware, "DIY" Home Improvement, Financial Services, Airports, Airlines, Retailers and Restaurants.

She specializes in espousing the virtues of how and why great design is the most majestic visual asset we have in our culture, and more intimately, our daily personal lives. Read her musings in Package Design (March), Shelf Impact (March) , Beverage Industry (April) and Brand Packaging (June/July). She also is speaking at the HBA Global in NYC on June 21 about The Path to Brand Differention: From Ingredients to Design and Beyond.

Her creative cohort Andy Sheffield will be joining her to present a short riff on two emotionally charged, thought provoking "creative" campaigns that embody controversial subjects but elevate the power of design from good to great because they engaged the audience, inspired them to act, react, think and feel.

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The Session : At What Price Does Good Design Become Great?

At what price does good design become great? When is its pure power to transform business and brands, and marketplace/cultural value, going to be realized, respected and riotously embraced?!

Design and designers are being creatively compromised on a daily basis, in part due to the notion that good design should cost less, and may not be worth the time and money necessary to fully explore all vital elements of the process. Part of the reason for this is "death by Adobe," which basically has given everyone with a Mac the right to call themselves a designer.

In this session, Jackie DeLise will explain how these phenomena are running rampant, and creating compromise and desensitization. You'll hear how design champions are inspiring, educating and shifting behaviors to change the perception of design in our cultural vernacular and an insight into what you can do to become an advocate for the design profession.

You'll get: Action steps to apply to create empowerment for design Real world scenarios advocating power for the presence of design Tips to help you ensure design's perception becomes its reality.

below, a look at some of HMSDesign's work

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