by Gina Angie on 05/21/2012 | 2 Minute Read

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"Progress LLC is one of the largest food manufacturers in southern Russia. It owns Volozhka brand of packed cereals, mueslis, quick-cooking porridges and boil-in-bag cereals. Progress company aims at accessing to the neighboring to Russia countries, so it haired KIAN for some market research and effective follow-up strategy development. So we conducted the Volozhka brand audit, made analysis of branded portfolio, researched competitors thoroughly and offered a new range of products to Progress.

 Firstly, we decided to redesign those Volozhka packages, which are the base of the brand. One of them is a package of quick-cooking porridges. KIAN created a funny name for it. Vo!Lozhka is a playful name of the Volozhka brand, we just added exclamation point, and the new name is appeared. The “Vo!Lozhka” word means something like “Wow! What a big spoon of porridge!”. The design of the package is unconventional for this category of products. Usually design is easy, not bright, pastel colored, but we decided to make it conspicuous and funny."

Designed by  KIAN

Editorial photographEditorial photograph


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