Before & After: Bio Green Dairy

by First name Last name on 05/02/2012 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

"Bio Green Dairy is a brand that we’d always wanted to work for and last year we got our chance when the owner approached us to recreate the brand architecture, identity and packaging for his company’s yogurt based drinks range.

We set about bringing Bio Green’s iconic leaping cow to life –redrawing her with an energetic swish of her tail and addition of a crucially important (and previously neglected) udder. Nicknamed ‘Edna’, she now leaps over the brand name contained in a circular motif, which itself has now been lovingly crafted with a hand drawn font. This now takes centre stage on whatever sub range we design for.


For the fruit based yogurt drinks we created chunky graphic fruit illustrations produced using a pound of King Edward potatoes, hand carved to get that rough, soulful appeal. Our new logo features prominently out of these illustrations. For the Lassi smoothies drinks range the new identity sat loud and proud again but this time within a foiled circular motif in a design that on this occasion was aimed specifically at the ethnic market.

Copy was rewritten and integrated where appropriate to bring out the new personality such as ‘shake well’ on a little cow bell illustration."

Designed by Carter Wong Design Ltd

Editorial photographbeforeEditorial photographafterEditorial photographbeforeEditorial photographafter

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