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B Honey Cachaça

by Tiana Spellman on 04/09/2012 | 2 Minute Read

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B brand identity goes a buzz! We are so in love with this design and can't wait to see it in person!

B honey cachaça is a new Brazilian spirit that blends sugarcane rum with honey and a touch of lime, creating a premium beverage from a common drink. "B” is a new liquor brand co-founded by Formula 1 driver Nelson Piquet Jr. and friends.  “B” is made with sugar cane from the region of Brazil and refined to create a perfect blend of sweet and citrus, adding honey, lemon and generous doses of sophistication, from the recipe to the packaging. Thus, transforming a simple drink into a remarkable 'sting shot'. Note the sophisticated bee design from body to capsule, pulling together the honey-colored beverage. Elegantly dressed in yellow and black stripes, the hexagon-shaped box doubles as a reusable isothermal cooler, keeping the remarkable bottle of B Honey Cachaca at the perfect drinking temperature for up to three hours.


The box has a sleek matte finish and embossed with the B logo. The Special Edition B-Hive Chillbox was designed to stand out on its own, chilling the cachaca at VIP tables or as an eye-catching gift for the high-end party crasher. The striking simplicity of the packaging has attracted consumers throughout Brazil. This success has lead the brand's owners, including Formula One race-car drive Nelson Piquet Jr., to a United States launch in Q4 of 2012 with a clear path to additional countries.

The B straw with B tag is designed to transfer B honey cachaca from the glass to the mouth in the most visually striking way possible. A promotional gift that turns the B logo into fashion.

Designed by Raimundo Favacho, and Patricia Ebner, of Pereira & O’Dell, San Francisco

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph