Bob’s Bitters

by Gina Angie on 04/04/2012 | 2 Minute Read

"Bob is a chef with a passionate side line in bitters, tiny bottles of elixir-like flavors that elevate a drink from something special to something sublime.

It all began when cocktail legend Giuliano Morandin asked him to recreate a by gone bitters flavour for one of his latest tipples. Bob was intrigued by the result and decided to create his own version.

Pretty soon, nine other flavours followed.Things were going well, and mixologists at bars were so enamoured that he was even creating bespoke blends for them.

But still, he was only selling 50 bottles a month and felt the brand could be doing more. Which is where we stepped in.


After meeting Bob to talk things through,we were struck by his New Zealand heritage and felt keen to make that part of his brand story.

We created a label for the bottle that included the name in fabulously evocative type and a Kiwi bird whose bill doubles up as the dropper of a pipette, with a precious measure of the bitters inside.It’s smile in the mind stuff, this.

We left a space on these carefully crafted bottle labels for Bob to customise with the flavour name. Seeing as he’s making so many these days, we created rubberstamps for him to use, rather than handwriting each one.

Bob’s business goes from strength to strength, with the bitters being the only ones to achieve five stars in Class magazine, widely regarded as the drinks bible. He has scored a number of drinks awards in cocktail competitions and is stocked by The Dorchester, Claridges and The Portobello Star, to name drop a few.

200 bottles sold a month up from 50, that’s an increase of 300%"

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