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Limited Edition Ma’amite

by First name Last name on 04/20/2012 | 1 Minute Read

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"Marking its 110th anniversary this year, Marmite knows a little something about celebrating longevity and reverence. So in honor of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Marmite has partnered with brand design firm Hornall Anderson UK to create the special limited-edition Ma’amite in observation of the royal occasion and as a hat tip to a rousing 60 years of Britishness. Featuring the Union flag anchored by Marmite’s familiar brand equities, the commemorative Ma’amite launched exclusively in Sainsbury’s on April 16th before making a broader splash in stores across the country.

 Ma’amite is Marmite’s fourth limited-edition offering, joining the phenomenally popular Guinness, Champagne, Marston’s Pedigree, and Marmite’s Original and XO varieties. Hornall Anderson UK has been Marmite’s creative partner and the developer of branding and packaging for the entire product range, including the limited editions."

Editorial photograph