Before & After: San Miguel

by Gina Angie on 04/19/2012 | 2 Minute Read

With a new bottle form and only a neck label, this redesign give then beer a whole new vibe.

"San Miguel aims to build their portfolio on a national and international level, by carving out a relevant position in the premium market. Their vision is to establish San Miguel 1516 as the premium flagship of San Miguel. Design Bridge has created the new 2D and 3D design of San Miguel 1516.


Design Bridge stripped back the design, letting the purity of the beer speak for itself. The bottle's new profile mirrors curve of the San Miguel logo. In place of a large label the name 1516 has been embossed on the glass with the message 'according to the law of purity' offering a self-assured, bespoke finish to appeal to the brand’s sophisticated consumers.

San Miguel is launching the new design in Spain this April. Already the design has won a bronze award in the best packaging category at Premios Best Pack. Roll out of the new design will be supported by a communications campaign in Spain launching April 20th.

Grupo Mahou - San Miguel expects positive results, saying: "The previous packaging wasn't playing the role of a premium flagship in the San Miguel portfolio.  Consumers confused San Miguel 1516 with a strong beer whereas it is actually a Pilsner Lager. The new design has been tested and the results clearly indicate a significantly higher overall evaluation among consumers. In addition the new shape of the bottle is liked, combined with crafted detail the results are an attractive and eye-catching design.”"

"In Spain San Miguel 1516 is a widely known quality beer, refreshing and balanced but with a distinctive character.  San Miguel 1516 is founded on the principles of the Germanic beer purity law of 1516 and is produced only with water, malt, hops and yeast. Each bottle carries a red seal, certifying the beer’s purity."

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