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by Tiana Spellman on 04/10/2012 | 2 Minute Read


Editorial photographOver the past few years Supply has worked closely with the McCashins to help make Stoke Beer the biggest selling independent beer in the New Zealand Market today.

On the back of this success the McCashin's wanted to extend their range into a bigger, bolder true boutique offering for the bona fide beer snobs. Early on the McCashin's had decided they wanted to make use of a larger 650ml 'Bomber' bottle for this exciting new range. The Stoke Bomber name was quickly adopted from its bottle, which is unique in the New Zealand beer market. Stoke Bomber is bigger in size, harder hitting in flavour and alcohol content, so the Bomber name reflects these attributes perfectly. The Stoke brand has always played heavily on retro imagery and nostalgic typography, and these foundations along with the Bomber name lead us directly towards WWII Bomber 'Nose Art' and wartime imagery.

" We've referenced the typographic slogans and graphic symbols which adorned these aircraft whilst retaining a strong visual connection to the original Stoke range. Our intention for these labels was to feel as if they had been proudly painted on; just like the good old boys lovingly did on their Flying Fortresses. True to the era, a distinctive military colour palette distinguishes each variety label, further reinforcing Stoke Bombers influences and character. Each Bomber variety also features a unique carton with historic WWII imagery that's fittingly screen printed to brown kraft board for an authentic look and feel. The entire package creates a graphic story and nostalgic nod to a time where the boys did their best for their countries freedom and honour, and no doubt a few cold brews or two."


Designed by Supply, New Zealand.

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