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"Yamas! is the first branded cheese launch for Futura Foods in a number of years. The company sources and markets a wide range of Italian, Spanish, Greek, Cypriot and Northern European cheeses predominantly under supplier and own Label.

BOS: was briefed to create a new brand and identity for the landmark launch of Futura’s new range of cheeses that would position Yamas! as the leading Greek and Cypriot cheese on the market. BOS:’ chosen name “Yamas!” is Greek for “Cheers!” or “to our good health”. The attractive logo design captures the sunshine and spirit of Greece with the brand name in mosaic style lettering in bright colours on a white background. The white background emphasises the freshness of Yamas! while the colours are reminiscent of the Mediterranean and its inherent connotations of fresh produce, sun and healthy lifestyles.

The packaging designs have as their focal point the vibrant Yamas! logo and a subliminal call to action with photography of the produce in use, about to be eaten off a fork, knife or skewer. The design also includes the product name in the distinctive colourful ‘Herculanum’ font together with a descriptor of the cheese, its flavours, textures and suggested uses. To enable consumers to make their choices of cheese, the packaging design also includes a colour grading scale, from 1 to 5, indicating the strength and descriptor of the cheese.

Yamas! will be available in most of the major supermarkets soon.  The full range of Yamas! full-flavoured cheeses includes Mild Feta, Smoked Greek Cheese, Saganaki, Graviera, Kefalotyri, Halloumi Burger Slices and Traditional Halloumi.

Colin Mechan, executive creative director and joint owner at BOS: said “Most Greek and Cypriot cheeses on the supermarket shelves have indistinguishable identities, with the same design cues we have come to expect of this category. We wanted Yamas! to have an attractive, standout design that would catch the consumer’s eye and instantly communicate its values of freshness, quality and its Mediterranean provenance. The Greeks are passionate, flamboyant people who love their cheeses and we set out to capture that in our designs.”

Rhian Kinman, marketing manager at Futura Foods, said: “This is a landmark launch for us at Futura Foods. The entire team have hand selected the product range from leading Greek and Cypriot dairies, to bring the hidden secrets that are loved and enjoyed in Greece and Cyprus to the UK. We want consumers to engage with these products and have the confidence to try. Yamas! epitomises our values of providing our customers, both through our bespoke service and through retail, with quality cheeses for everyone to savour and enjoy. The creative minds at BOS: have understood our objectives perfectly and we have great expectations for our new vibrant, modern and delectable range when it launches on supermarket shelves in the coming weeks.”"

Designed by BOS

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

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