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by Gina Angie on 03/13/2012 | 3 Minute Read

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A name. So much is embodied in this simple element. It carries all previous meanings (intended or otherwise) to the product and package, then becomes something else when it shows up at the shelf. A name in itself can be a designed moment. Consider this, a great example where something is missing. Jig-A-Loo is an “Invisible All-Around Lubricant.” It is water-repellant, it doesn’t stain and it doesn’t stink.

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A brand lives in the memories of the people who purchase, use and share that brand throughout their lives. Jig-A-Loo is a brand that has value and a memorable personality in the name. If you’re not convinced, search for a David Lee Roth video called “Just a Gigolo” and perhaps it will grease the memory wheels (pun intended).

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Now, who wants a brand name that references male prostitution? That’s a Gigolo. In case you hadn’t made the connection.Well, it certainly implies a fair amount of personality. So, the designed moment is a name with stopping power for the carpenter/plumber/mechanic/handyman/DIY-er who finds this amusing and reflective of his or her personality. The name starts to tell a story and builds a certain curiosity. Right? Here’s the missing part. The only reference to the name’s origin is this: “It comes from the French word “ti-gi-dour” which means “I’ve got it.” In English it was translated into a more fun name.” Which, if the name is the first paragraph of this story and this is the second paragraph, I would put the book down and sell it at a garage sale.

Where did the personality go? “Translated to a more fun name.” Really? That’s it?

The most visible piece of advertising is a commercial which uses an interesting and cheeky way to convey the product’s benefits—it even includes President Bill Clinton (without the expected irony). Where will you likely see this product for the first time? On the shelf, not in a commercial. So, where should the personality appear first? At the shelf, not in a YouTube video with a total of 1,900 views.

Brands today are built at the shelf, more than any point in our history. If the personality doesn’t come through at the shelf, a moment to engage is missed. This is an example of a great designed moment (the Jig-A-Loo name) and a missed opportunity (personality on the package).

Aaron Keller

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