Student Spotlight : Boxer Lager

by Tiana Spellman on 02/09/2012 | 4 Minute Read

This is a Boxer Lager theoretical re-design student Benedict Moyer completed. Boxer is a pale lager that is malted in Saskatchewan. Interview and more photos below!

Tiana Spellman: How did you come up with your packaging concept? 

Benedict Moyer: For the design, I wanted to include a graphic that represented boxing in a way that was different from how it is normally represented, this is what led me to the black-eye. A lot of fighters are proud of their bruises as it shows what they have gone through and overcome to get to where they are, and in a way, a mark of a true champion. This went well with their tag line, "Beer of Champions". I wanted to give the the packaging a nostalgic look and feel similar to that of old boxing poster design but still be modern and current. 

Tiana Spellman: Why were these specific packaging materials chosen? 

Benedict Moyer: To help bring in the nostalgia of yester-year, I wanted to use materials that had a raw and natural feel to them. I used a raw cardboard carrier with just black printed on in to give it a classic look. When I imagine beverages of the past, the bottle always has a cork in it, I wanted to use this and twine to tie the tag, to help carry on the theme of the good ol' days. Wanting to do something to make it really stand out on the shelf as well as tie the boxing theme in with the packaging, I chose to wrap the neck with hockey tape to emulate how boxers will wrap their hands.

Tiana Spellman: What processes were used in the making of your packaging? 

Benedict Moyer: After sketching out several thumbnails of what I wanted the design and packaging to look like I was off to find bottles and a carrier to design for. After a couple of hours awkwardly wandering a liquor store trying to find bottles that were just the right shape, and a 4 pack carrier I finally found what I was looking for. I purchased my manly beers in a bright fruit flavoured cooler 4 pack carrier and was on my way. I removed the beer labels and measured out how big I wanted the labels to be as well as carefully took the carrier apart. To build the custom carrier I removed the handle, sanded down the side that was printed on, sprayed it with adhesive and covered it with brown craft paper that matched the cardboard of the inside of the carrier. I then re-assembled the carrier inside out. After measuring out the size and dimensions of what I wanted the handle to be, I made and printed out a dieline for it. I temporarily adhered the dieline to a piece of a cereal box and cut it out. I then gave the new handle the same craft paper treatment as the rest of the carrier, folded it and attached it to the carrier. I printed the carrier design on the same craft paper and carefully applied it to the carrier. The bottles were sanded, painted black and wrapped with hockey tape. I then went on to hand carve the corks. After the designs were printed the hang tags were cut, folded and tied to the bottle with twine and the labels were cut and pasted onto the bottle. In regards to printing processes etc, all of the packaging was printed digitally and crafted by hand.

Designed by Benedict Moyer a student at Red River College in Winnipeg, MB Canada. 


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