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Concept Before & After: Boots First Aid

by Gina Angie on 02/08/2012 | 3 Minute Read

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"The current Boots first aid packaging design (below) does its job okay. It communicates the product in a consistent way and easily stretches across all of the pack formats. But, it’s very generic, underwhelming and uninspiring, with no real personality, and that is the problem I’m having with a lot of mainstream packaging.

The Dziine Mafia approach to this range was to drop all of the unnecessary information, lose the tired medical feel and produce something friendly, colourful and a bit different. Boots inherently comes with a brand loyalty and trust, so why not push their packaging design beyond the expected. Let’s face it, the majority of own brand products are pretty much on a par with the leading brands and savvy consumers know this and will probably opt for this ‘standard’ product as it’s always the cheaper option. So, you’re not going to lose any customers by giving the packaging a revolutionary design, in fact you may even pull some away from the brand leaders by giving it a unique look and feel and letting it stand up for itself on the shelves.

As with a lot of products, there is always a host of superfluous information on the front faces, stuff that is pretty obvious. I mean, of course plasters are going to ‘protect’ you! So this text was out straight away. What I wanted to do was create a simple, clean and friendly design. Something that looked different, made you smile and want to pick it up.

The plasters took the foreground and set the style for the range. The standard little shot of the product was gone, replaced by playful images of the products being used. Simple typography clearly states the product title, with an extra piece of information at the bottom. For the plasters this info not only included the overall pack quantity, but also how many of each size was in the pack. Something I felt was more informative to the consumer than the normally forced bullet-point information.

Adding a little extra for the customer extended to the back of pack by including a chart of the pack contents that can be crossed off as and when you use a plaster, saving the inevitable hunt through the pack to see if there’s one the right size left to use!

I then rolled the design out across a few other products, making sure the new concept would work resulting in a much more human, colourful, fun, designed, bold, brave and confident packaging design range.

In Summary this was the first experiment by DZINE MAFIA to take a piece of high street retail packaging and give it an overhaul, to let a packaging designer have a go without the tedious restraints and unadventurous opinions of brand managers and account handlers, and I personally think it has been a success. The range has a caring, personal feel that works so well for a first aid product, especially with the medical authority the Boots logo brings."

Designed by Dziine Mafia

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Editorial photograph

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