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Oyuna Cashmere To Keep

by First name Last name on 02/22/2012 | 1 Minute Read


Editorial photograph

Daniel Weil likes to take overexposed objects and look at them afresh.


His latest design for cashmere label Oyuna is Cashmere To Keep, a gusseted container bag with a folded closure that is secured with elastic. The shopping bag format has been automatically produced for over a century but Cashmere To Keep reinvents that format, removing handles and adding a foldover crease, allowing customers to open and close it like a box but carry it underarm like a bag. The crease is angled to reflect the angle of the ‘y’ on the Oyuna logotype. Cashmere To Keep is being made in different sizes to fit accessories, fashion and home products and its design elevates humble packaging from something to be thrown away to something to be kept.

Designed by Pentagram

Produced by Progress Packaging

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

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