Student Spotlight: Everyday Hero

by First name Last name on 02/10/2012 | 2 Minute Read

"This project was a group assignment for the Diploma of Computer Graphic Design course at Natcoll design school in Auckland, New Zealand. The students involved is this project were: Joseph Mitchell, Jess Watson, Jess Moore and Eva Ni. "We were given a brief to create an exciting, new sub-range of chocolate blocks for Whittakers, one of the leading and most iconic chocolate brands in the New Zealand market. Our solution was based on an alternative hero—the 'Everyday Hero—a 'regular joe' and the antithesis of the traditional, dashing 'caped crusader'. The packaging was carefully developed to appeal to our target market of 'Hipster Professional Men'; young and successful males who still actively identify with alternative music, fashion and lifestyle products.

We intentionally chose to distance our range from the existing Whittakers packaging by using a 'lo-fi' design style, which our target market would identify with. A thin, line-art illustration technique was used for the 'hero' character to give the packaging a more alternative, uncrowded 'indie' design feel. Typography was used a dominant design element to give the product a masculine, yet conversational, feel. The full range of packaging and point-of-purchase display boxes is made completely from recycled card stock, to ensure consistency with our target audience's values. Everyday Hero Chocolate is positioned as a 'gift' gourmet range of chocolate blocks; a suitable alternative to liqueur chocolates or flowers. The initial rage consists of four gourmet flavours: Artic Mint, Sweet Nectar (honey), Mount Rose (rose wine) and Double de Cocoa (white and dark chocolate)."Promotion Pitch:

"Everyday Hero Chocolate is the chocolate made just for the world's most underrated hero—the 'everyday man'. Simply by buying their significant other a block of delicious block of Everyday Hero Chocolate, the Everyday Man is instantly transformed from an 'everyday man' into an Everyday Hero, in the eyes of their lover".

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