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"Hooghoudt Rich Genever. Hooghoudt is a well-known family distillery from Groningen, the Netherlands. They started in 1888 and slowly became the biggest Dutch distiller with the introduction of genevers (Dutch Gin)." But in the Netherlands this market is aging and declining."








"Together with PROUDdesign they mounted a counter attack, in this case with the introduction of “Rijke Jenevers” (rich Dutch gin). The richness in ingredients and taste of this gin is illustrated in a modern classical, but most of all seductive way. Naming, bottle and label are perfectly matched. There are 3 variants based on old, numbered recipes; a floral 24 (with lavender), a fruity 67 (with cranberry) and a spicy 45 (with cardamom)

The new bottle has a thick bottom and shoulders like a typical jenever bottle. A simple, straight outlook, fitting the image of the brand and giving it modernity. On the bottle the Hooghoudt logo has been raised through haptic printing. A qualitative fiddle factor. A rich qualitative paper with a handcrafted feel was used for the label. Printed in 5 colours plus copper hot stamping and thermal black print for a raised surface. The back of each label is printed in variant colour to create a warm reflection and to heighten flavour distinction."

Designed By: Proud Design

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph


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