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Me In A Glass

by Richard Baird on 11/19/2012 | 1 Minute Read


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Me In A Glass created by Alberto Pangaro in collaboration with agency POST.




"Me In A Glass represents a new way of considering traditional design products. For more than fifteen years Memento has been a byword and a symbol for an innovative view on the world of home design products, thanks to technical research and creative thought. With Me In A Glass, constant research in the field of glass coloring has allowed the brand to devise an exclusive, matchless and extremely personal palette. By manipulating colored vitreous paste, experienced craftsmen master each phase of a rather complex process, which eventually leads to the creation of entirely handmade products, all different from each other as a result of this precise production cycle. This innovative project is made possible by an innovative packaging concept.Alberto Pangaro has picked a series of colors and combined them into original sets of products (glasses, goblets, cups and many others). These unique mixes represent different inspirations that give birth to a world of collections. In order to guarantee this uniqueness, the products are vacuum-packed, like rare and precious crystal, and inserted into an exclusive package which conveys the mood that inspired them. Thus, with Memento ME IN A GLASS the traditional boundaries between “home” and “personal” are deleted – the product becomes a concept, a lifestyle inspiration, a new philosophy based on creativity and performance, tangible values and powerful imagination.Thanks to the packaging, therefore, a new concept is made possible: glassware collections."

- Memento press release

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph