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by First name Last name on 11/12/2012 | 2 Minute Read

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"Dew Gibbons has designed the packaging for Happy Monkey milkshakes after the impressive success of the Happy Monkey smoothie range, which recently won a DBA Effectiveness Award."





"The brief asked them to build upon the success of the smoothie work by appealing to kids while reassuring parents that the product is a healthy, nutritious lunch box option. Creative Director Nick Vaus said, “The trick was to ensure that Mums can immediately understand the new product the brand is offering them. The design appeals both to children and parents and reflects the brands ‘silly but not stupid’ personality” Greg Boyle, Managing Director of Good Natured drinks said, “Our smoothie range has been a resounding success achieving 200% overall growth in 3 years. We are confident we can drive the success for the brand even further with this product extension, giving Mums more choice in the children’s drinks category.” The flavored milks will be available in two varieties; strawberry and chocolate and are due to be launched in November across select multiple retailers."

Client: Good Natured

Brand: Happy Monkey

Release Date: 01.11.2012

Designed By: Dewgibbons

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

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