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Before & After: H. Padfield & Sons

by Gina Angie on 10/09/2012 | 1 Minute Read

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New packaging for a family owned and operated potato farm.

"The Padfield family have been growing potatoes in Essex and selling them at London markets, such as New Covent Garden since 1881.

After years of selling to the catering trade, the family approached Robot Food to artwork a new retail specific, smaller bag. After explaining the story, history and superior taste of Padfield potatoes, the agency suggested a redesign would help to promote the brand and produce.

The starting point for the new design was pack communication, with provenance, the brand story and farm fresh imagery paramount.

'We focused on the type of customer resellers may be attracting, to produce a design that would resonate. The overall look is original, with a premium branded feel, for upmarket independent grocers.' said design director, Mike Shaw."


Designed by Robot Food

Editorial photographBefore ArtworkEditorial photographEditorial photograph

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