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Before & After: New Covent Garden Soup

by Tiffanie Pfrang on 10/30/2012 | 1 Minute Read

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Brand Opus has taken New Covent Garden Soup back to its root with a redesign that focuses on communicating the ingredients behind Britain’s best-selling chilled soup brand. The redesign is part of a wide-ranging marketing initiative which reinforce the core message “Fresh from our kitchen to yours”.




The Solution: "BrandOpus have introduced new meaning and flexibility to the Covent Garden brand by establishing the identity as a branded market vegetable crate. The crate device was chosen to inspire the idea of the fresh soup handmade from quality market produce delivered to your kitchen by New Covent Garden Soup Co. The crate device has given the pack design the flexibility to deliver clear navigation through the use of colour and ingredient illustration. The use of a distinctive illustrative style across the entire pack creates a unique look and feel for the brand, who were the first to introduce the concept of fresh soup to the supermarket shelves back in 1987."

Nigel Parrott, Hain Daniels Group Marketing Director, says of the project, “This rebrand bottles the magic of New Covent Garden Soup Co. The BrandOpus design distills the freshness of the ingredients and highlights that our soups are made by cooks with a passion for producing the best-tasting fresh soup that’s full of flavour. The distinctive new packaging will signpost the category for retailers and will aid flavour navigation for shoppers.” 

Designe by Brand Opus, London


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