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by Tiana Spellman on 01/06/2012 | 2 Minute Read

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Cereal brand Jordans have unveiled a new packaging identity and range design created by entrepreneurial and creative branding agency 1HQ.

"The new design will initially be launched across Country Crisp and Muesli from December and roll out across other Jordans products in 2012. Taste values and Jordans’ commitment to the British countryside is at the heart of the new packaging, which is underpinned by all of its cereal farmers dedicating 10% of their land so that British wildlife such as Barn Owls have a home. 1HQ Client Director, Sajag Patel says, “We were briefed to reinforce Jordans’ credentials within the cereals category. It has been a delicate balance to design individual packs within the full range whilst communicating the Jordans brand values in a clear and consistent way.”

1HQ Design Director, Tim Holmes continues, “Jordans’ Countryside Commitment puts the brand in a unique position – cereals that are good for you, and good for the British Countryside. Birds, bees and butterflies all benefit from new habitats in the 10% of land that farmers actively manage as part of the Conservation GradeTM scheme. The previous pack designs had started to hint at these nature credentials, but in a very understated way. We have created a much more holistic design with the whole pack telling the story. The mill has been moved to a more fitting abundant landscape and the mill itself has been renovated to incorporate a water wheel which avoids the past confusion. We have used texture and depth of colour to add richness and taste appeal, and the foreground illustration of wild flowers and oats tells the Conservation GradeTM story, combined with the butterfly window delivering real honesty. The story continues on the back of pack, with a village notice board containing various pinned on notes and photos.”

A spokesperson for Jordans says, “The new identity creates the optimism and a sense of place for the brand we were looking for. It was also important that the packaging still conveyed great taste and wholesome natural ingredients. We are thrilled with the final product range.”"


Editorial photographEditorial photograph

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