Jonathan Adler Cottonelle Toilet Paper Roll Covers

by Ivan Navarro on 01/04/2012 | 2 Minute Read


Editorial photograph"Since toilet paper was invented more than 100 years, it has been taken for granted. Tossed into a cabinet or shoved into a closet, the same bath tissue that has taken care of your bum has been downright disrespected—until now. The Cottonelle brand tapped world renowned designer Jonathan Adler, known for his cheeky and energetic designs in home décor, to design the brand’s spring collection of toilet paper roll covers. The new line of roll covers arrives just in time for the New Year, when many people are making resolutions to get organized, and offer a perfect way for consumers to organize and affordably indulge in a designer piece for their bathrooms.Behind the Designs

Adler has long been known for putting a fresh, modern spin on everyday objects. Adler designed three fashion-forward Cottonelle brand toilet paper roll covers that give people a stylish, new way to store extra rolls of toilet paper. The new roll covers encourage consumers to pay attention to an often-overlooked opportunity to enhance the look and feel of their bathrooms—and giving them a new way to respect the roll.The spring collection features three exclusive designs sketched by Jonathan Adler, and are packed with a variety of vibrant colors and bold patterns that will make a statement in any bathroom. While the roll covers are designed to add style and flair to any bathroom, they do more than just look pretty. When it comes to good design, functionality is key. The Jonathan Adler-designed roll covers are a great solution for keeping that extra roll of Cottonelle Clean Care readily available.

 How to Get a Roll CoverStarting in January, people can get their own limited edition Jonathan Adler designer roll covers available exclusively from Cottonelle at The Jonathan Adler roll covers will be available to purchase online for $1.99 each with a code from specially marked packages of Cottonelle Clean Care. "

Editorial photograph


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