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Student Spotlight: Elixir

by Gina Angie on 01/24/2012 | 1 Minute Read

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This design plays on the idea of a chocolate bar as a pharmaceutical drug. I was reminded of Bloomsberry & Co's Bochox chocolate bar which has a similar theme with a comedic play on words.

"The student brief was to brand and design a new chocolate bar to be sold in Selfridges & Co. I decided to name my brand Elixir, referencing the medicinal powers that chocolate is often said to posses. The packaging itself references pharmaceutical design from the mid-late twentieth-century as I thought this would provide an interesting break from the often decorative chocolate wrappers of competitors, as well as reinforcing the brand identity. Each flavour in the Elixir range is differentiated by a single block colour and an element symbol, similar to those on the periodic table. Once collated the chocolate bars would be sold as a variety pack, housed within a labeled prescription bag."

Designed by Rebecca Bibby, Manchester, United Kingdom


Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph