123 Organic Tequila

by Gina Angie on 01/02/2012 | 3 Minute Read

Editorial photograph  "In keeping with our commitment to sustainability and to lighten our carbon footprint, each hand-numbered bottle of 123 Organic Tequila is crafted from recycled glass and labeled with recycled paper and printed with natural soy inks. From the purity of its source to the integrity of its packaging, 123 Certified Organic Tequila captures the finest expression of 100% organic Blue Agave."

 The labels are designed around the following story:  


123 Organic Tequila Blanco (Uno)"The stars dance in the sky above the fields for as many as ten years before the certified organic agaves are harvested for Uno Blanco tequila, the pure mother spirit from which Dos Reposado and Tres Anejo tequilas are created.  As they reach the peak of maturity under the watchful gaze of the guardian snake (coatl), the agaves are hand-harvested and the hearts are slowly cooked in stone ovens for almost two days before being pressed to release their sugary juice. After a natural fermentation and precise small-batch distillation, Uno Blanco tequila is born.  Marked by an earthy, citrus and herbal character, Uno Blanco is tequila in its most natural state and ideal as the basis for organic cocktails and sipping.  Both the quality and purity of Uno Blanco tequila are essential to achieving the complex evolution that takes place in its aged versions - Dos Reposado and Tres Anejo tequilas."

Editorial photograph  123 Organic Tequila Reposado (Dos)"As the sun and moon meet in the sky above the agave plantation, two stealthy jaguars (miztli) roam the fields in search of their elusive prey.  During their silent hunts, Dos Reposado tequila rests in white oak barrels for six months before its timely release.  This complex spirit reveals aromatic raw and cooked agave tempered by the warmth of oak aging with spicy notes of vanilla and hint of citrus; a combination equally at home in cocktails and as a sipping tequila making it the most versatile of the 123 Certified Organic Tequila styles. " 123 Organic Tequila Anejo (Tres)"On a morning when three brilliant roosters (tototl) greet the dawn with hopeful songs of renewal, mature agave plants at the hacienda are ready to be hand harvested and Certified Organic Blanco tequila awakens from its year-long slumber in white oak barrels to be reborn as Tres Anejo Tequila.  Just as the rooster has long been a symbol of virility and power in Mexican folklore, the complex aromatic bouquet and deep golden hue of Tres Anejo Tequila are signs of its superior quality and lengthy aging.  Enjoy Tres Anejo tequilaas you would any fine, aged spirit by savoring the mastery of its limited production and the mystery of its ancient legend."

Designed by David Ravandi

The etching illustrations were commissioned by a Mexican Artist that specializes in wood etching.


Editorial photograph


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