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by Gina Angie on 01/13/2012 | 2 Minute Read

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"Rubber boots are treated as purely utilitarian footwear by Kazakh anglers, so the attention is mostly focused on functional characteristics of the product. Very often consumers are not looking for stylish or beautiful Wellington boots and, therefore, often have a difficulty in selecting among the product produced by different manufacturers.The client asked agency to create a package for rubber boots that would highlight the advantages of this utilitarian footwear. The package should stand out on a shelf, attract attention and encourage consumers to purchase “Fisherman”.


SolutionRubber boots are underestimated product in many respects. Everybody is aware of their primary function - protection from water. However, there are many advantages that are not obvious at the first glance and consumer doesn't even think about. Standard fishermen boots are able to protect the wearer from a lot of dangers:- Environmental debris (glass, wire, etc.)- Natural hazards (sharp rocks, driftwood)- Biological threats (dangerous and predatory creatures) - Chemical hazards (oil, gasoline, acids)- Electrical hazards

After analyzing how all these threats can be visually represented we realized that probably the best way to communicate protective functions of the boots was through….  images of fish! It is a very exciting topic that is very familiar to anglers and an excellent opportunity to combine several types of risks in one image. For example an electric eel symbolizes biological and electrical hazards.

The package itself is designed as a mini-stand, which creates an illusion of boots immersed in water.This way the consumer can see all of the protective properties of the boots. The upper part of the package shows that often you cannot see what is really happening under water because of the glare and ripples. The message we want to convey to a consumer – though there are a lot of hidden underwater hazards you are safe with “Fisherman" rubber boots."

Designed by GOOD! Agency

Creative Director: Igor Mitin

Editorial photograph

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph