Jungle Formula Insect Repellant

by Tiffanie Pfrang on 09/09/2011 | 1 Minute Read

Reach Brand, a UK based branding and design agency redesigned Jungle Formula's packaging, creating a less aggressive product, but still reminds consumers of the alarming and potential danger of insects.


Reach kept Jungle Formulas' strong visual equities: its logo, the green and white colourways and the inverted red triangle. They have also created a "non aggressive but very emotional reminder of the ‘insect problem’ is water & foliage i.e. where insects thrive & would become a pest. It creates a subconscious ‘itching’".

The introduction of an IRF factor (insect repellant factor) as per sun protection factors make the range easy to understand & shop. 

Designed by Reach, UK 


Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

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