Four Wishes for a Wedding

by First name Last name on 09/21/2011 | 2 Minute Read

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Four wishes for a wedding…Everything started when Andreas and Sophia decided to get married on the nameday of the bride, on 17th September (the day when Sophia/Wisdom, Pisti/Faith, Agape/Love and Elpida/Hope are celebrated).

The concept of the wedding in question derives from the particularity of the celebrated day – the four names celebrated on this day could very well be wishes for the couple, for a happy marriage.It has to be noted that in Greece name days are of great importance, similar to birthdays!For the guests giveaway packages, paper small boxes were created tied with white satin ribbons and containing wedding sugared almonds (traditional Greek sweets, given at weddings).These were dispensed at the end of the ceremony.

The packages had the same illustration themes as the wedding invitation (the invitation was created in four versions. On the one side -the common one- there was the text with the necessary instructions for the ceremony, while on the back side 4 different illustrations were created, dedicated to each of the ‘wishes’ with accompanying texts that explain the meaning of each one of them).The style and the hand-made illustrations of this wedding concept are based on well-known symbolism (e.g. Wisdom as a main symbol has the eye, Faith the star, Love the heart and Hope a flying bird).The particularly inspiring illustrations were hand-drawn and, following that, were processed electronically.

The end-result is special, happy and unique.

Designed by Sophia Georgopoulou Brand Identity Designer

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph


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