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Benefit Cosmetics is launching a new skin care collection called b.right! this spring, with some innovative packaging for the category. Product line designed and manufactured by Maesa.



"So radiant, so right! Benefit Cosmetics' new skin care collection, b.right!, launches in full this spring. Maesa designed and turnkey manufactured the 16 sku line for Benefit, executing the modern apothecary look and paving the way for new packaging technology in the process. The b.right! line includes all the essentials needed for radiant skin, from cleanser to scrub to moisturizer.

Maesa pushed the boundaries of design by creating unique packaging that does not already exist in the market. The innovative design was inspired by antique glass apothecary bottles and topped with cork-like caps to give a modern, organic twist.

'We worked very closely with the Benefit marketing team to create this innovative look. I was inspired by the past, looking at a wide variety of 19th century apothecary forms and label graphics. There are an amazing variety of packages that can be found due to the large collector market for these bottles. The trick was to make sure we were 'inspired' by the old forms, but not reinventing them. The final look for b.right! is a wonderful blending of the classic with modern sensibilities,' explains Sean Brosmith, Chief Creative Officer for Maesa.

Maesa used a new and unique hydrographic process when creating the cork trompe l'oeil effect of the caps. The cork pattern is a price of film that lies in water. The cap is dipped in and coated with the film, creating the distinct effect. Many types of cork were looked at to create the look so that each one is every so slightly different.

The glass bottles are sprayed with a tinge of blue, and both the bottles and tottles feature custom notches to add to the vintage appearance and give the customer a tactile experience.

The b.right! collection sells at Benefit boutique stores, product counters, and Sephora, and retails between $12 and $38 dollars."


Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

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