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Grolsch Dutch Beer

by First name Last name on 08/26/2011 | 3 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

Grolsch is an authentic Dutch beer brand internationally known for its iconic swing top bottle.

The swing top is relatively expensive, a bit old fashioned, large and heavy and very difficult to manufacture. Due to these reasons the Grolsch swing top was an ‘endangered species’: Grolsch was facing the extinction of their icon, the main reason for the existence of the Grolsch brand.

FLEX/the innovationlab was asked to develop new bottles that would overcome the disadvantages of the old swing top and at the same time re-invent the Grolsch icon. 

Approach: The first step was the development of a new ‘standard’ 33cl returnable bottle and a new swing top bottle. The authentic characteristics in the old swing top were: little labeling surface, heavy embossing and off course the specific closure. These very same characteristics were used to design the new bottles but in a more contemporary way. The embossed Grolsch logo was given a more ownable appearance. The ‘slice’ that was cut out on both sides of the bottle did not only create an ownable shape for the logo to be placed but also gave the bottle a very nice grip. This functionality turned out to be very much appreciated by consumers and became an important part of the new identity.

The embossed logo also replaced the main label on the belly of the bottle, offering a nice, fresh looking presentation the beer itself. The 33cl returnable bottle and the new Swing top bottle were designed as a family of products within the same visual brand language. The second step was enhancing the consumer experience. A home draught system was developed, giving beer drinkers a completely new way of enjoying Grolsch: easy, excellent quality, the real draught experience and without the need for complex expensive equipment. Also a simple cooler for sunny days at the beach or for parties was designed. In out of home the new bottles have found their place.

FLEX/the INNOVATIONLAB gave the experience in this environment more value with the design of the fridges, the coaster holders, the glasses and draught tower. All along the lines of the same visual brand language. 

Result: Grolsch used to be a brand with an icon. Now it has become an iconic brand with the primary packaging (the two bottles) at the very core of it."Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

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