Student Spotlight: Wine/Music Inspired Poster

by Tiffanie Pfrang on 08/22/2011 | 1 Minute Read

Not the first time we've seen art work/design inspired by packaging design. Here we have a poster design by Griffith University student, Dominique Falla (Australia). Inspired by Wine labels and a common misheard Led Zepplelin song

"This is my entry into AGDA’s Poster Annual. The theme this year is music, so I’ve made a wine bottle devoted to my favourite misheard song lyric from Led Zepplelin’s “Stairway to Heaven”. The real lyric is “as we wind on down the road” but it often gets misheard as “there’s a wino down the road.” Led Zeppelin fans will also notice something else special on the bottle. I had the label laser etched onto a giant flagon of red wine and shot it against black for the final poster."

Designed by Dominique Falla, Griffith University, Australia 

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

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