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Seryab for Kids

by First name Last name on 07/08/2011 | 2 Minute Read

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Introducing the kids range of Seryab - a premium natural mineral water of Russian origin.


Following successful launch of award-winning PET and glass package range in 2010, Seryab is introducing a special range for the kids. In contrast to the crystal-like design of the ‘adult’ Seryab which showcases the silver-pure nature of the water (Seryab is a derivative of ‘silver’ in Russian), the kids range aims to make drinking water more fun and reclaim ‘share of stomach’ from other impulse categories such as soft drinks and candy.

The kids range is bottled in matrioshka-shaped 250ml bottles decorated with folk fairy tale characters. The archetypal shape of the Russian nesting doll is perfect for kids hands and instantly turns the bottle into a collectable toy which unlocks children’s creativity. Commercial branding is reserved for the back of the label to minimize interference; the package is highly distinctive even in the absence of prominent logos.

Initially 5 characters will be released to cater to different tastes and preferences, namely the Swan-Princess, Ilya of Murom, the Firebird,.the Mermaid and Sadko the Seafarer. The set will be subsequently extended with additional themes and characters, including special series that feature numbers and alphabet to make first steps in learning fun. All artwork is commissioned specifically for Seryab.

Seryab’s mission is to build value of high-quality, locally sourced natural mineral water. Remarkable package aesthetics and serving innovations are a means to elevate the perception of locally sourced water in relation to premium imports. Seryab is preparing for a launch in England under the trademark Aqua Argenta, and is in discussion of licensing deals with natural mineral water source owners in numerous other geographies.

Seryab is bottled in Russia by Mineral Technologies Ltd and its intellectual property is marketed worldwide by R2H (UK) Ltd.

Editorial photograph


Editorial photograph