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by First name Last name on 07/05/2011 | 1 Minute Read

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The Urban Animal Scientist recently launched an extensive line of oversized canine collars, canine shampoo, conditioner and candles with some pretty nice packaging. Check it out after the jump.



"The Urban Animal Scientist offers over 80 different styles of dog collars in 5 different sizes that can also be purchased with matching leads. The Urban Animal Scientist caters to a value conscious canine lover: one who values function, fit, style, selection and quality as opposed to a consumer who values average usability, speed, and price.  We have created an option for canines to reflect the style of their chic, urban, rustic owners where others simply did not exist."

The Urban Animal Scientist launched in 2008-09 in Atlanta by Antonio F. Lewis.



Editorial photographEditorial photograph