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by Tiffanie Pfrang on 07/28/2011 | 2 Minute Read

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Hike, a Ukrainian Brand of Premium Beer completed their rebrand to fit the current market and their young, hip consumers. We love how they kept the key elements within the composition; the color, placement of the brand logo. The wing replaced the diagonal band but still occupy that same space and ties all the other elements in together. By slightly updating each element within the label, Hike brand now has a look that is contemporary and dynamic without being too noisy. 

"POLARIS Company has undertaken market research and conducted 2 phases of rebranding.

2008 We added new energy to Hike and made a new positioning with the slogan: Go ahead to impressions! It required the label restyling to show that the brand evolves.

First of all POLARIS changed heraldic sign with ears of wheat by dynamic shield - more strong position. The active orange color of label gave place to golden-orange working better for the beer category. The outline of logotype became more noticeable and confident. Direction of eagle flight became progressive. The attribute of Hike – the wings – is a sign of freedom and an urge toward the new.         

2011 The second phase of rebranding strengthened the brand positioning and Hike’s main values. Logo’s font became new and dynamic. Visual noise was taken away. Rebellious spirit of new slogan – Freedom is your way - was conveyed by graffiti. Renewed Hike is the new hero of the new times."

Designed by POLARIS, Ukrain. 

Editorial photograph


Evolution of Hike Brand. 

Editorial photograph



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