Deen Bros BBQ Sauces and Spices

by First name Last name on 07/25/2011 | 2 Minute Read

Check out this cool packaging for Jamie and Bobby Deen's (sons of Food Network personality Paula Deen) new line of BBQ Sauces.

" When Jamie and Bobby initially decided to release their own line of BBQ Sauces, as well as spices, we knew we wanted the look and feel to match the playful, colorful aesthetic of their four cookbooks. "

" I was the sole designer for the project, but I worked closely with Jamie and Bobby themselves in order to come up with something that is unique to them that they would truly be proud of. We initially came up with the "pig in flames" concept for the BBQ Sauces, then moved it over to the spice line by graphically representing the use or flavor of each spice. "

There is a chipotle pepper spice, a beef rub, pork rub, poultry seasoning, fish seasoning, as well as a shrimp boil seasoning. The thing I love most about these lines is how well they stand out on the shelves in the sea of brown paper bag tones that normally occupy the BBQ Sauce section of your local grocery store.

Thank you to Evan Russell a graphic designer at Paula Deen Enterprises for submitting this to us.

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