Pork Farms Re-Design

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Holmes & Marchant has created a new brand identity and master pack design for the entire range of Pork Farms products.The new design runs across the company’s traditional pork pies, sausage rolls and snacks, and emphasises the brand’s heritage as a maker of quality produce.


The ‘pastoral’ look of the old packs, which featured the words ‘Pork Farms’ against a grassy landscape, with naïf-style birds perched on top, has been abandoned for a vintage look to emphasise the quality of the products (Pork Farms only uses the quality cuts of meat – pork shoulder and belly). To this end, the packs have retained their traditional ‘racing green’ and red colour scheme, but now use a ‘seal of quality’ device with a redrawn Pork Farms logo inside a red circle. This device runs across the range.

Inside the red outline of the circle are the words: ‘Butchers, bakers, master piemakers: Making and baking since 1931.’ Inside the white central area of the seal is a red striped butcher’s apron as a crest, with the words ‘Since 1931’ underneath. Below this, the Pork Farms name has been redrawn and now has a gold outline and a more angular, traditional look.  “For this redesign, we wanted to go back to our roots,” said Andy Napthine, head of marketing at Pork Farms. “We know the brand is loved for its traditional values and there’s a lot of positive sentiment and nostalgia for Pork Farms’ products among consumers.

“This new design gives us consistency across our range and really sets us apart from our competitors on shelf. Pork Farms is an established brand with a fantastic heritage and strong quality credentials, and this design reflects that completely.” John Mathers, MD at Holmes & Marchant, added: “The new design for Pork Farms has created a unique look within the category which will really help it stand out on shelf. The seal device has allowed us to create consistency across the entire range.

Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph

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