The Dieline Awards 2011: Second Place - Jawbone ERA Packaging

by First name Last name on 06/24/2011 | 2 Minute Read

Country: USA

Category: Electronics, Technology, Movies + CDs

Description: The Jawbone Era is the world’s first Bluetooth wireless headset that employs motion-controls, offering an exciting new level of interactivity. The Era packaging, echoes this advanced product technology, creating an entirely new unboxing experience. The Era package begins with a slipcase made of black uncoated paper, with a laser cut pattern that matches the hex perforated pattern on the headset inside. As the case is lifted, the pattern printed under the slipcase interacts with the laser-cut holes, creating a sort of dance. Once the cover is off, the box opens itself; the 4 flaps fall away, exposing the product and messaging in the center. Once opened, the center box can be lifted, exposing the accessories and user manual. The entire experience, from beginning to end, is considered.


Every step is engaging, building anticipation as you get closer to the product itself. The Era package needed to speak to the new advances with the headset in an engaging way. When the flaps fall away, key messages explaining Era’s functionality cover 3 of the 4 surfaces. The 4th contains a thank you letter, custom to the user that receives the unit, leading with our brand phrase “tap into a new era”. The messages are bold yet concise, intriguing the consumer to learn more. Although creating an innovative and new unboxing experience was very important, the Era packaging had to be functional as well. The Era package protects the headset and accessories throughout shipment and transport. Extra room has been designed at the top of the package to protect the headset from drop tests. All parts, from the sleeve to the inner box, ship flat. While, the outer sleeve matches up with the headset pattern, the inner box is designed in a way that can be used for all kit variables. It is also made from 100% recycled/recyclable paper. The Era package creates a new standard for the brand, but feels 100% Jawbone. Era is the new standard for high-end headsets; the package echoes this through the use of Jawbone’s brand colors and advanced printing techniques. The kit also provides simple yet provocative messaging and rich, vivid imagery reminiscent of a high-end fashion magazine.

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