The Dieline Awards 2011: First Place - Jawbone JAMBOX Packaging

by First name Last name on 06/24/2011 | 2 Minute Read

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Entrant: fuseproject

Country: USA

Category: Electronics, Technology, Movies + CDs

Description: With Jawbone’s entrance into the speaker market, we wanted to make a splash. The Jambox is a beautiful and functional Bluetooth speaker, packing a big audio punch in a small package. To illustrate this product innovation in packaging, we played off the idea of reviving the music culture of the 80s. Harkin to the days of boom boxes, break-dancing and Air Jordan’s, we designed the packaging to highlight the evolution of both culture and product through the tagline “that was then, this is now”. Each Jambox is packed in a “retro” looking shoebox, with a silkscreened boom box graphic printed on the lid. The caption “that was then…” builds anticipation while creating a cultural context for the product.


When the consumer lifts the lid, they see the noticeably smaller and chicer Jambox product, tagged with “this is now.” The gift-like presentation of the product builds emotion, making opening the package a special and unique moment, much more than simply opening a box. The color of graphics and the bottom of the box corresponds with the unit color, making each package feel customized and personal. The leveled design creates a wholly considered unboxing experience. When the unit is lifted out of the box, the bottom area is revealed, with die-cut cavities that individually hold each accessory. To facilitate an exciting and positive experience, every step in the process is curated. The packaging is made from 100% recycled and recyclable kraft paper that can be broken down and returned to the stream easily. The middle tray holds the unit firmly, with no excess plastic ties or protective material, and keeps it secure during shipping. The individual accessory cavities negate the need for plastic bags to house each piece, furthering the package’s sustainability goal. From the beginning to the end, the kit experience is cool, customized and memorable. By creating a recognizable context and building upon that relationship, the package fosters an emotional connection with the consumer that goes beyond just being excited about the product. The Jambox online retail packaging creates excitement around Jawbone’s foray into a new market and artfully showcases the Jambox, creating a truly holistic experience for the customer.

Editorial photograph

Editorial photographEditorial photograph


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