Featured image for The Dieline Awards 2011 : Best Of Show - PUMA Clever Little Bag

The Dieline Awards 2011 : Best Of Show - PUMA Clever Little Bag

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Entrant: fuseproject

Country: USA

Category: Best Of Show

Description: The Clever Little Bag is PUMA’s innovative replacement for the traditional shoebox; it’s a bag and box combination comprised of a flat cardboard sheet that folds into a box structure to hold the shoes, and fits seamlessly into a cloth bag, which keeps the box shape of the cardboard and protects the shoes.  

The cardboard is die cut from one piece of material and has no additional printing or assembly, thus it can be returned to the stream faster and more efficiently. The excess material from the master sheet becomes the insert for the shoe, replacing the superfluous tissue used in current packaging. Not only is the design functional and environmentally friendly, the “Clever Little Bag” is an iconic brand element upon leaving the store as it replaces the plastic shopping bag. It also maintains the most important elements from the traditional shoebox – it stacks for shipment, easy to handle for transport, and protects the shoes.

It was designed to fit seamlessly within the established PUMA brand, using the same coloring and iconography to create a holistic experience that consumers can take home and use time and again. With our ‘Clever Little Bag’, Puma begins the next phase of its sustainability program, making a big impact on a big industry. This packaging solution uses 65% less cardboard than the original shoebox. The bag itself is made of non-woven polyester consisting of polypropylene, which is recyclable. It is stitched with heat, not woven, which means less work and waste during production.

The ability to re-use the bag is also a fundamental part of this design, furthering the system’s environmental reach. The millions of shoes shipped in this bag will have a dramatic effect on PUMA’s production, saving 8,500 tons of paper, 20 million Mega joules of electricity, 1 million liters fuel oil and 1 million liters of water. During transport, 500,000 liters of diesel is saved and lastly, replacing traditional shopping bags will save almost 275 tons of plastic. With this minimalist approach, PUMA plans to re-envision other product packaging systems and inspire other companies to follow suit.


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