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Oriental Leaf Tea

by First name Last name on 06/02/2011 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

"Pearlfisher has created the brand identity for the new Oriental Leaf Tea range from Nongfu Spring Company that is launching in China at the end of May. The premium ready-to-drink teas will be available in four variants - Red, Green, Jasmine and Oolong."

Check out this gorgeous design after the jump.



"The Chinese tea market is huge and diverse but with a proliferation of shrink-wrapping. Pearlfisher was tasked with creating a new and innovative design to create stand out.

China has one of the richest tea cultures in the world. The new design focuses on an iconic representation of historic Chinese stories relating to tea, bringing the rich heritage of tea to life and making it relevant to today’s consumer.

The image of the boat on the Oolong Tea signifies the first transport of tea from China to Britain. It’s arrival marked the start of afternoon tea becoming an elegant British ritual, one that continues to this day.

Natalie Chung, Pearlfisher Creative Partner, explains, “Structurally and graphically the new design looks very different from the rest of the market. The lack of shrink- wrapping allows transparency to show the high quality nature of the product. And the combination of striking and rich imagery with traditional Mandarin text fuses the best of Eastern and Western styles.”"

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph


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