I.C.O.N Hair Care Products

by Tiffanie Pfrang on 06/16/2011 | 2 Minute Read

We applaud this design for its production value, from the unique dieline of the bag, to the 2 color print with UV gloss. The different thickness and angles of the strokes in the lines used complimented the shape of the bag really well, creating a dynamic and bold piece. More of I.C.O.N after the jump! 


"Our client I.C.O.N. uses seasonal gift boxes to feature several of their bundled professional hair care items each year (they call these bundles Regimedies). We have made several of these boxes for them, but for the new year, we wanted to make something really sleek, elegant and punchy that would help to further showcase their new branding direction and packaging that launched in the Summer/Fall of 2010. The box is a 2-color print with a gloss UV that uses sharp colors and angles to create a complex network of lines flowing across the unique box shape. The stark black and magenta contrast beautifully with the elegant white bottles inside the pack and when it hits the light, the spot UV leaps right off the board. This package made a very bold statement about I.C.O.N. and their commitment to quality products. "

Designed by Version X


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