iO, Natural Energy Drink

by Tiffanie Pfrang on 06/14/2011 | 1 Minute Read

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Created by energetic people for the energetic people, the iO design look sets itself from its market, by opting for a clean and contemporary look, with a cubic structure that will sure stand out on the shelf. 


"Ceethree’s iO is a unique energy concept based on Green Coffee and Guarana. Providing an instant boosting experience, iO marks a new generation of Energy Drinks full of superfruits and herbs and free from artificials. iO contains 80 mg of caffeine, about the same amount as a cup of regular coffee, but with more antioxidants and vitamins. iO is all about energizing your natural self."

"iO is a concept brought to life by energetic people, for energetic people. The unique iO recipe, based on the Green Coffee Bean, is our small contribution to a healthier and more energetic you. "


iO is developed by Love for art & Business 

Creative Direction and business concept Jonas Lundin

CEO and Advertising AD,  Magdalena Adaktusson

CFO, Formula and production technician Erik Nilsson

Project managers and production supervision Elin Trogen, Frida Guldstrand

Additional Artwork Sven R Ohlson, Marting Ring, Veronique Mongót

Editorial photograph


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