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Editorial photograph

An incredible packaging design for Swiss fruit spirits, based on the principle of "reduction to the pure essential":

"Rezept-Destillate is an assortment of different pure fruit spirits from a local Swiss producer. The packaging design reflects the process of distillation, during which the fruits are reduced to theirs flavor essences. This approach leads to a unique brand concept incorporating the context of pharmaceuticals at the beginning of the last century.

The labels refer to the periodic table and imply the products‚ elementary purity. Though simple technical solutions had to be found for its production, the design now evokes an impression of high class and exclusiveness."

Designed by Thomas Lehner

Client: Rezept-Destillate, Wettingen, Switzerland

Images: by Studio Koritschan,



Type Design: Studio Reizundrisiko, Samuel Bnziger, CH-Berneck; Norm, CH-Zurich

Copywriting: Julius Weiss, CH-Berne

Photography: Studio Koritschan, CH-Zurich

Final Arts: Christine Gertsch, Berlin


Editorial photographEditorial photograph

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