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by First name Last name on 05/26/2011 | 2 Minute Read

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This project comes to us from Supply down in New Zealand.

"McCashin's Brewery was born in 1980 when hotelier and former All-Black Terry McCashin and his wife, Bev, bought the Rochdale Cider Factory in the small upper-South Island city of Nelson New Zealand. They had a plan to brew a distinctive, high-quality beer, McCashin's Brewery soon became the most successful independent microbrewery in the country."

"Its award-winning 100% naturally-brewed beer revolutionised the way beer was produced. and won the hearts and taste buds of the nation.

Now the next generation of McCashin's have carried on the tradition in this historic brewery, and created New Zealand's newest locally produced premium craft beer, Stoke."

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"This premium beer is batched brewed and tank conditioned for over 3 weeks. Using Nelson's famous organic hops, premium malt, bespoke yeast, contains no artificial additives or coloring, and to top it off 14,000 year old pure Palaeo water. The entire process from brewing to bottling happens on the site at Stoke.

Stoke sets itself apart from commercialized beers on the market through its premium quality ingredients and the McCashin's honesty to their product and consumers. The brand and packaging reflects these ideals through its understated no fuss typographic layout. A simple colour palette distinguishes varietals whilst the gold foil details reflect its premium attributes.

Stoke's label designs clearly tell you what it is without the fluff of it's competitors. An elegant yet masculine bottle shape accentuates its sturdy southern roots but speaks to it's discerning new consumers. Stoke has received great success already, with it's deep history, honest qualities and unique design consumers finally have a true craft beer to love again."

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