Kinoplex Platinum Special Popcorns

by First name Last name on 05/20/2011 | 1 Minute Read


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"Kinoplex Platinum is a new concept of movie theaters, created to meet premium customers demand. It offers more comfortable seats, fancy snacks and a wine list. But the spotlights in this elaborated menu are the "Special Popcorns", served with 4 types of gourmet olive oil (with garlic, pepper, basil and truffe)."

"To make it easier for the customer to consume the popcorns and handle the olive oli's recipient, we came to a simple solution: add a diecut to the package that, when folded in reverse, can be used to hold the spice jar. We designed the package inspired on the shape of a tie."

Thank you to Jessica Cavalcanti over at Strenna for sending this in

Editorial photograph

Editorial photographEditorial photograph



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