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Eggs for Soldiers

by Tiffanie Pfrang on 04/08/2011 | 2 Minute Read

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"Eggs for Soldiers is a new free-range eggs brand created and developed by Springetts Brand Design Consultants (following the development of the multi-award winning happy egg co. brand), and launched by Noble Foods on 4th April.  Springetts had the idea to use eggs, a commodity bought on a weekly basis, to help raise awareness of the Help for Heroes charity through brand association." Check out the whole package after the jump.




"The brand’s name – Eggs for Soldiers – points to a usage suggestion (boiled eggs and toast ‘soldiers’), whilst also communicating its charitable intent.  15p from every pack of Eggs for Soldiers will be donated to Help for Heroes.

The designs for the new brand have a confident colouring, which delivers strong shelf standout, with the woollen weave image giving natural cues, as well as a hint of military uniforms.

“We created the egg medal icon to provide an emotional centre piece for the brand, rooted in its partnership with Help for Heroes,” says Springetts MD, Andy Black.  “We wanted to create a brand that would show support for the sacrifice made by the members of all our armed services.  Eggs for Soldiers playfully makes the association in its tone and the product, being a commodity bought regularly, makes it effortless for consumers to show their support.”"

Designed by Springetts


Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph