Student Spotlight: Steven C. Huang

by First name Last name on 04/29/2011 | 2 Minute Read

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An incredible portfolio of work from recent Art Center grad Steven C. Huang. Check out 3 innovative projects below.


Raid Insecticides Limited Edition Packaging


After enjoying decades of uncontested success, raid faces a flood of imitation products appear along-side it's already competitive and limited shelf space. The results is brand dilution and customer confusion.


The limited edition packaging repositions Raid as the sure kill product for pest emergencies. The new positioning re-establishes the long-standing heritage of the brand and confronts the recent criticism of it's toxic content with a sense of urgency in pest face-off situations.


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Pantene 2015: Personalized Haircare Packaging & Product Concept


Striving to provide high-end sustainable hair care solution for the smart consumers; P&G asks the team to re-imagine the sustainable shampoo product.


Pantene Aura takes a foothold in the year 2015, as a tailored and customizable solid shampoo made for each individual’s hair type and condition. The concept product is a series of rapid prototyped solid shampoo made from hair-scanning-station situated in the future shopping centers.

In Collaboration with Yamchi Hung and Johana Tran

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Nestlé Buitoni Premium Pasta Packaging Concept


Buitoni is a premium fresh pasta that is easy to cook and offers unique cheese and meat stuffed ravioli and tortellini that is previously impossible for dry pasta offerings. However tasty they are compare to dry pasta, the current Buitoni packaging does not communicate premium and freshness to it's consumers. In addition, the heat-sealed tray is easily imitated resulting in the lost of brand recognition and royalty.


The concept packaging elevates Buitoni with museum-worthy sculptural form that is meant to be displaed in high-end retail shops such as Williams Sonoma. The new concept design utilizes vacuum sealed inner pouches to keep the content fresh and compact.

In Collaboration with Donny Smith, Nita Gill, & Jen Scruton

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