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Student Spotlight: Jaime McQuilkin

by First name Last name on 04/22/2011 | 3 Minute Read

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A great portfolio of work from Jaime F. McQuilkin, a design graduate from The Creative Circus in Atlanta, Georgia.



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Peace Love & Oats, Chilled Creamy Oats

"Retro owl packaging targets women who remember mornings of sweet oatmeal as a kid, while showing our snack to be a wise, healthy choice as an adult. Each of the packages features a different owl and boldly displays the flavor with a subtle oat texture. Can you dig it? Then dig in!"

[Credit: Bill Woodard, copywriting.]

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Go, Feed Your Ethos

"Go began with one insight: all the gear in the world is worthless if you don’t have the energy to use it. That’s why Patagonia brings their knowledge of technical performance to the world of performance nutrition. Modular point-of-sale displays are made of cardboard recycled from Patagonia’ warehouse and echo the mountains of the parent brand’s mountain range logo. An efficient alternative to sugar-soaked energy bars currently on the market, Rute gives you the energy you need, only without the sugar crash. Reflective inside coating is repurposed as an emergency survival mirror. Effervescent hydration tablets enliven you with a natural burst of energy inducing electrolytes an caffeine when added to your 32 oz. reusable water bottle. The container is made from recycled Patagonia jackets and easily clips on to your carabiner. Nomad is loose granola is packaged in single serving shots and packaging can be composted after use, or used as kindle for a camp fire.

[Credits: Casey Heffernan, Art Direction; Chad Temples, Copywriting.]



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Fisher Space Pen, .375 Bullet Pen

"From the company that brought the pen to the moon, Fisher Space Pens introduces a genuine brass .375 Holland & Holland magnum cartridge pen. Dating back to 1912, the .375 H & H has remained the world’s most versatile rifle caliber and is popular in big-game hunting. Hunting enthusiasts will appreciate turn of the century style that celebrates the .375 magnum’s history and Solunar guide on the inside to help determine optimum hunting times."



About Jaime

"Jaime F. McQuilkin is a recipient of the 2010 Bill Bernbach Diversity Scholarship and a Design graduate from The Creative Circus in Atlanta, Georgia. Her middle name is Foxx, but despite popular belief, she was not named after Jamie Foxx. You can find her on twitter @jaimefoxx or check out her portfolio at www.jfmcq.com for more information."