Sobe V Water

by First name Last name on 04/22/2011 | 1 Minute Read

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“SoBe V Water offers consumers a great tasting low calorie drink with the added benefit of vitamins. Each individual flavour includes a mix of vitamins designed to suit every consumer, no matter their mood or need-state. We are confident the eye-catching design will help it to stand out in the market.”

"The range comes in six flavours, each of which has been given an arresting colour palette and sassy name, such as Vrroom, Kick and Forti-fight.

Blue Marlin creative director Simon Pendry comments: 'SoBe appeals to a diverse range of consumers whose shared trait is that they value substance over style. Thanks to the new look, SoBe V Water has both. Being brought under the SoBe umbrella, V Water’s new packaging really leaps out at you. V Water is a great product and SoBe is a really strong brand that is perfect for this era.'"


Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph

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