Tropicana's Frutz

by Tiffanie Pfrang on 04/13/2011 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

Berge Farrell Sparkles with Pepsico’s Tropicana Frutz. Check out this new package design for Tropicana Frutz for the Middle East market. 


"Creating a brand identity as bubbly and exciting as Tropicana Frutz was a dream come true for design group Berge Farrell.

With the Middle East launch of Pepsico’s new non-alcoholic sparkling fruit cocktail brand, Tropicana Frutz, Berge Farrell pulled out all the stops. Bright, expressive graphics allude to the collision of fruity flavours and articulate the brand’s tone of joyful exuberance and healthy vitality.

“Working with the Tropicana team from project inception gave us the opportunity to become involved in defining the brand and bringing the positioning to life graphically – one that captures the carefree spontaneity of the youthful target,” says managing director Andrew Nel.

Clear flint bottles allow the vibrant product to speak for itself, whilst photography features flavour variants - apple, blackcurrant and pomegranate and neck labels align with the design code of sophisticated young adult beverages. 

Eye-catching and bold, Tropicana Frutz successfully calls out to a highly aware market that judges design by international and not regional standards."

Designed by Berge Farrell

Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph

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