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Alberta Premium Whisky

by Tiffanie Pfrang on 03/31/2011 | 2 Minute Read

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Strano and Pettigrew Design Associates recently finished the packaging for this true Canadian classic




"Alberta Premium, a 100% Canadian Rye Grain Whisky, is a brand steeped in history and tradition and is now releasing a limited edition 30 year old vintage. 

The carton packaging, printed on a silver foil substrate, features embossed branding, debossed wheat sheaf with black foil overlay and a dramatic, black ink, wheat field landscape image which allows the silver substrate to show through. The orange band at the top of the carton is carried through to the interior of the carton.

The iconic bottle shape was retained—the label features silver foil and black foil overlays, a neck wrap was added as was a strip stamp with some of the key attributes.

With a production run of just 700 cases, this is certain to be an iconic release… nearly as iconic as the trademark bottle itself."

Designed by Strano and Pettigrew Design Associates

Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph

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