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Ignite Brand Salsa

by Tiffanie Pfrang on 03/30/2011 | 1 Minute Read

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Ignite Brand Salsa was created for the Hot-Pepper Enthusiasts. Check out Stephen Jones' work after the jump.


"Ignite Brand Salsa was created for the person with an affinity for the nose running, coughing, and burning associated with  hot-pepper enthusiasts. The types of peppers speak of the heat- Jalapeno Verde, Serano Ranchero, and Habanero Taquera.

This salsa ignites the senses and was designed to stand apart from standard retail salsa container shapes. Craft salsa is an upcoming trend in which the bland everyday options of store bought salsa can be remedied with the care put into a crated product. A simple number system allows for brand expansion over time as new editions and seasonal varieties are available. "

Designed by Stephen Jones at Deploy Visual 


Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph

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